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Beyond Spiritual Hot Flashes

Posted October 9th, 2014

Don’t confuse having spiritual hot flashes with being on fire.

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Editor's Journal

But How Do You Study the Bible?

Posted September 25th, 2014

It’s not nearly as difficult as I was trying to make it out to be.

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The Great Hope

Posted October 8th, 2014

New Book Available in Accessible Formats

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Waiting for A Better Reality

Posted September 25th, 2014

Does your life seem empty and without purpose or path? Your hope may be found in studying the first story in the Bible, the story of Creation.

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Audio Tours and Interviews

The Father I’ve Always Wanted

Posted August 6th, 2014

Ty Gibson shares a story of childhood pain over the father he had and how he discovered the Father he’d always wanted. Click here to listen.

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